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You can learn more about Eddie and his projects at these links: The Eddie Fyvie Jiu Jitsu Academy  Rickson Gracie Cup Fyvie Inc. Jiu Jitsu Consulting 

Episode 004 – Eddie Fyvie

'Full-Commitment Jiu Jitsu' Eddie Fyvie has been doing jiu jitsu since he was 10 years old. He has fully committed his life to the art...
jiu jitsu brotherhood podcast nick raphael

Episode 003 – Nick Raphael

'Will is Everything' This week we spoke to Nick Raphael. Nick isn't a champion or even a naturally talented jiu jitsu player, but he has the most...
Mike Bidwell BJJ After 40 Jiu Jitsu

Episode 002 – Mike Bidwell

'Flowing with the Go' Mike Bidwell is one of the most popular figures in jiu jitsu today. He is the creative force behind BJJ After...
roy dean jiu jitsu brotherhood podcast

Episode 001 – Roy Dean

'21st Century Samurai' For our very first episode we have none other than the legendary Roy Dean. Roy holds black belts in Aikido, Judo and traditional...

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