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Episode 029 – Simon Yeo

Simon Yeo Bujinkan ninjitsu ninja bjj royce gracie
'Enter the Ninja' Ninjitsu is one of the least understood of all the martial arts. It's not, as commonly believed, all about sneaking and assassination. Ninja and BJJ black belt Simon Yeo joins us to set the record straight and delivers some wisdom on business, touring with Royce in Japan and the art of buying $20K swords at auctions. Check out Simon's...

Episode 028 – Henry Akins

Henry Akins Rickson Gracie Hidden Jiu JItsu BJJ Invisible Jiu Jitsu
'Hidden Jiu Jitsu'   World renowned instructor and Rickson Gracie black belt Henry Akins relates the highs and lows of his incredible jiu jitsu journey. Henry gives us an open and honest account of how the death of one of his best friends and training partners almost caused him to quit jiu jitsu. He also gives an amazing account of how a...

Episode 027 – Andrew MacDonald

andrew macdonald arete jiu jitsu bjj asia bangkok
'Life in the Magic Kingdom' Andrew MacDonald left Toronto 7 years ago to live in Thailand. He couldn't find enough jiu jitsu in the city so he created an academy in the heart of Bangkok. Andrew describes life and jiu jitsu for expats in southeast Asia and shares some of the wilder experiences he's had on his big adventure. Check out Andrew's...

Episode 026 – Manuel Flores

manuel flores paragon bjj daimyo franjinha arizona tucson bjj
'To Protect and To Serve' Veteran police officer and accomplished black belt gives us some insights into the plight of Mexican-Americans who do one of America's toughest jobs. Manny describes some of his most difficult moments on the job and explains how the lessons he's learned on the mats help him to better serve his community and the people he loves. Check...

Special Episode – Mike Bidwell 2

mike bidwell bjj after 40 flolife bjj jiu jitsu
BJJ After 40 legend Mike Bidwell drops by to share the news on his exciting new jiu jitsu academy, Flo Life BJJ. Mike explains what he believes will make this academy not only original, but also an effective place of learning for students of all ages, body types and dispositions. Check out Mike's new academy FloLife BJJ. Learn more about Mike's flowing...

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