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Episode 039 – Fernando Yamasaki

fernando yamasaki bjj jiu jitsu yamasaki academy
'The Boy from Brazil' One of Brazil's original jiu jitsu exports, Fernando Yamasaki has been immersed in grappling culture since his early teens and seen pretty much everything the jiu jitsu world has to offer. In this interview he shares stories of his early training in Brazil as well as his arrival in America and his efforts to grow the...

Episode 038: Jason Keaton

Jason Keaton Blind Fury jiu jitsu
'Seeing Clearly' People like Jason Keaton prove to us all that their are no excuses for not living up to your potential. Despite being legally blind, he still managed to master several martial arts and become a black belt instructor of jiu jitsu. This is an episode that everyone who has ever felt like they're not giving their best on...

Episode 037: Ryan Ford

Ryan Ford BJJ Grappling Central Podcast Jiu Jitsu Podcast
'Making the Pilgrimage' Ryan Ford is host of one of the best jiu jitsu shows around, the Grappling Central Podcast. In addition to that, he's a super-interesting guy with some wonderful stories of his time spent training at the legendary De La Riva academy in Brazil. He also has great insights into what it takes to survive as a full-time...

Episode 036: Robert Drysdale

Robert Drysdale BJJ Las Vegas ADCC MMA Gi
'Preserving the History' Everything you've ever dreamed of achieving in combat sports Robert Drysdale has already done - he's an ADCC champion, BJJ World Champion, MMA star and owner of a successful academy in Las Vegas. Robert has now turned his focus to the history of jiu jitsu, traveling to both Japan and Brazil to find out the truth about the...

Episode 035: Chuck Rylant

Chuck Rylant BJJ Police Excessive Force
'Eyes on the Prize' Successful public speaker and author of the excellent Motivation: Stories on Life and Success from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts, Chuck Rylant joins us to share actionable ways of achieving your goals both on and off the mat. Check out Chuck's site. Also available on Stitcher and iTunes. Show Sponsors: Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Store – Get 10% Off Gi’s, Rashguards, Belts and Instructional Programmes – use...

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