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Episode 012 – Roger Gracie

roger gracie
'The Greatest of All Time' There can be no argument about it: Roger Gracie is the greatest jiu jitsu player ever to step on the mat. Fresh after his career-defining victory over Marcus Almeida, Roger gifted us with an honest and open look into what it's like being the iconic champion of the Gracie family. This conversation covered many aspects of his...

Episode 011 – Scott Langley

scott Langlely Karate vs jiu jitsu
'Form and Function' Our first 'non jiu jitsu' guest, Scott Langley, is a world-renowned Karate instructor. As a young man he studied Shotokan in Japan and then proceeded to complete one of the most gruelling and intense instructor courses in all of karate. Scott shares his experiences with the Japanese and how his journey into martial arts have taught him to 'take...

Episode 010 – Matt Thornton

matt thornton straight blast gym sbg jiu jitsu bjj
'Aliveness' Matt Thornton is a 'coaches' coach'. He's been in the jiu jitsu game for over 25 years and has built a huge network of excellent academies. Besides being the instructor of Connor McGregor's coach John Kavanagh, he's also known as one of the most cerebral and intelligent jiu jitsu teachers around. In this episode Matt shares insights on functional martial arts, coaching...

Episode 009 – Chris Matakas

Chris Matakas BJJ Jiu Jitsu
'Pursuing Individual Goals Collectively' Today's special guest is the author of several influential books on the philosophy of jiu jitsu, Chris Matakas. After leaving college, Chris felt that his upbringing and education hadn't adequately prepared him for the world and was looking for something to help him make the transition from 'boy to man'. What he found was jiu jitsu and...

Episode 008 – David Reilly

David G Reilly Undisputed Tucson BJJ Arizona
'The Business of Jiu Jitsu' It's no good being great at Jiu Jitsu is the rest of your life is in a mess. David Reilly has all aspects of life covered. Not only does he have a successful business, but he still manages to have enough time to travel and compete consistently. David shares with us not only keys to having a...

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