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Episode 025 – Kit Dale

Kit Dale Jiu JItsu BJJ Concepts Art of Learning Jiu Jitsu
'Fresh Perspectives' It's always refreshing to discuss life and jiu jitsu with a person as unique and accomplished as Kit Dale. Kit and I have a very deep discussion on the age-old 'drilling vs concepts' debate and what emerged was some very different perspectives on jiu jitsu training methods. Check out Kit's website. Learn more about Kit's conceptual learning videos Beyond Technique 1 and...

Episode 24 – Abraham Marte

abraham marte bjj worlds 2
'You Always Get What You Need' Masters World Champ Abraham Marte likes to call it how he sees it. Abraham discusses how injury derailed his competitive goals and forced him to learn some deep lessons about life. He also describes his displeasure with the thug-like and arrogant nature of some of the upcoming generation of BJJ fighters. Check out Abraham's academy website. Click ‘play’...

Episode 023 – Liam Resnekov 2

liam resnekov bjj sydney jiu jitsu sydney VT1
'Neo Jiu Jitsu' Martial Arts philosopher Liam Resnekov joins us for his 2nd appearance on the show. This time we go deep into the state of the modern jiu jitsu industry. Liam shares his controversial views on self-defense, conditioning and the use of performance-enhancing drugs in jiu jitsu and openly discusses his disillusionment with some aspects of the competition scene. Check out...

Episode 022 – Roy Dean 2

'Master's Mindset' Our very first guest, Roy Dean, returns for an informal conversation about his current lifestyle and training routine. Roy discusses his latest project, a fusion of aikido-bjj and also reveals some of his insights on psychedelics. We also chat about the importance of constantly searching for new and progressive methods of teaching in order to keep jiu jitsu fresh for...

Episode 021 – Rich Byrne

Rich Byrne and Rolles Gracie Kasai
'High Roller' This week we are joined by Rich Byrne, CEO of the new grappling promotion, KASAI. Rich shares some great stories how he got into BJJ via a chance meeting with Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, former owners of UFC and how his first ever class was with Renzo Gracie. He also explains valuable lessons from jiu jitsu that helped him advance...

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