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Ep. 066 – Scott Smith

Scott Smith Gracie Kentucky
After suddenly being made redundant from a successful corporate career, Scott Smith went all-in on the jiu jitsu lifestyle. Starting with $300 worth of second-hand mats, Scott grew his small training group into one of the most successful academies in his city. Scott explains how he overcame the death of both of his parents in a car wreck and many other...

Ep. 065 – Stuart Cooper

Stuart Cooper BJJ Tiger Muay Thai Jiu Jitsu Documentary Joe Rogan
'Back into the Light' Considered by many to be the finest jiu jitsu documentary film maker ever, Stuart Cooper followed a difficult and winding path to get where he is today. Stuart opens up about his difficulties with addiction almost derailed the incredible life he created for himself, and how he eventually overcame them through the use of plant medicine.

Ep. 064 – Christopher Odell

Christopher Odell Datsusara BJJ Hemp
'The Datsusara Way' Founder of the respected jiu jitsu brand Datsura, Chris O'Dell gave up a spiritually empty desk job to follow his dream and build something cool. Chris explains what gave him the courage to take the first steps on his path to freedom and why California is part of his game plan.

Ep. 063 – Thomas Mietz

thomas mietz bjj japan carpe diem tokyo jiu jitsu
'Rising Son' Thomas Mietz knows what it's like to learn jiu jitsu at the source, having spent the last several years training at the famous Carpe Diem dojo in Tokyo. Thomas explains what makes Japan and Japanese culture (and jiu jitsu) so unique and shares some of the wild adventures he's had there. Follow Thomas on instagram

Ep. 062 – Lawrence Dunning

Lawrence Dunning Jiu Jitsu Podcast BJJ Brick Grapplearts martial arts
'You Can Have it All' Jiu Jitsu Black belt Lawrence Dunning is a man who has it all. Not only is he a decorated competitor, he's also a successful businessman who has made it to the top in two completely different industries. Lawrence joins us to discuss the secrets to his success, and how his impressive book library has led to...

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Episode 022 – Roy Dean 2

Brown belt Mike Velez shares the path which took him from to becoming the founder of the of one of the last remaining BJJ print publications,  Jiu Jitsu Magazine. Mike explains how he turned his passion for the art into not one but two successful businesses and how he stays motivated to keep creating world class jiu jitsu content.

Ep. 052: Mike Velez