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Lawrence Dunning Jiu Jitsu Podcast BJJ Brick Grapplearts martial arts

Ep. 062 – Lawrence Dunning

'You Can Have it All' Jiu Jitsu Black belt Lawrence Dunning is a man who has it all. Not only is he a decorated competitor,...
Jay Campbell TOT Revolution BJJ Testosterone jiu jitsu martial arts

Ep.061 – Jay Campbell

'Fully Optimized' For most jiu jitsu players over 35, regular training comes with almost as many costs as it does benefits. Aching muscles and slower recovery...

Ep.060 – Mike Pastor

'Spiritual Fitness' A good morning routine can totally transform your life - just ask Mike Pastor, brown belt, yoga master and health expert. According to Mike,...
ishmael bentley bjj jiu jitsu

Ep.059 – Ishmael Bentley

M-Theory Martial Arts owner Ishmael Bentley is a prolific inventor who owns several patents. Despite achieving huge success creating high-end medical devices, he fell in love...
Brent Burniston Subconscious BJJ Jean Jacque Machado

Ep.057 – Brent Burniston

'Found in Hollywood' Los Angeles, and Hollywood in particular, is a very strange place. Nobody knows this better than Brent Burniston. After growing up in a...

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Episode 031 – Oliver Geddes

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Ep. 063 – Thomas Mietz