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Paul Moran Open Mat Radio BJJ Jiu Jitsu Podcast

Ep. 053 – Paul Moran 2

'BJJ Hero' Returning to the show for the second time, black belt Paul Moran discusses his latest battle scars and how he still manages to...

Special Episode: Nic Gregoriades AMA

'Stop. All. Comparison.' Nic returns from his vacation and shares an insight he gained from two weeks of deep self-reflection in the woods of Northern...
Brown belt Mike Velez shares the path which took him from to becoming the founder of the of one of the last remaining BJJ print publications,  Jiu Jitsu Magazine. Mike explains how he turned his passion for the art into not one but two successful businesses and how he stays motivated to keep creating world class jiu jitsu content.

Ep. 052: Mike Velez

'The Written Word' Black belt Mike Velez shares the path which took him from a hobbyist to becoming the founder of one of the last...
Jay Valko BJJ Chicago Jiu Jitsu Academy

Ep. 051: Jay Valko

'Staying Centered' Jay Valko is a tough jiu jitsu competitor and the owner of Valko BJJ in Chicago. The conversation takes a serious turn as Nic...
Paul Bridges Gracie Barra Hastings BJJ Jiu Jitsu

Ep.50: Paul Bridges

'The Art Comes From You' Paul Bridges is one of the first British jiu jitsu black belts and a seasoned competitor and teacher. He's also...

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