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Oliver Geddes BJJ Jiu Jitsu

Episode 031 – Oliver Geddes

'The Half-Guard Savant' There is nobody who has immersed themselves more fully into the jiu jitsu lifestyle than Roger Gracie black belt Oliver Geddes. Not only...
Rondel Benjamin jiu jitsu gracie bjj trinidad tobago

Episode 030 – Rondel Benjamin

'Island Style' Despite being relatively isolated from the jiu jitsu world on the tiny island of Trinidad, brown belt Rondel Benjamin has made some very...
Simon Yeo Bujinkan ninjitsu ninja bjj royce gracie

Episode 029 – Simon Yeo

'Enter the Ninja' Ninjitsu is one of the least understood of all the martial arts. It's not, as commonly believed, all about sneaking and assassination. Ninja...
Henry Akins Rickson Gracie Hidden Jiu JItsu BJJ Invisible Jiu Jitsu

Episode 028 – Henry Akins

'Hidden Jiu Jitsu'   World renowned instructor and Rickson Gracie black belt Henry Akins relates the highs and lows of his incredible jiu jitsu journey. Henry gives...
andrew macdonald arete jiu jitsu bjj asia bangkok

Episode 027 – Andrew MacDonald

'Life in the Magic Kingdom' Andrew MacDonald left Toronto 7 years ago to live in Thailand. He couldn't find enough jiu jitsu in the city...

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