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Ep. 063 – Thomas Mietz

thomas mietz bjj japan carpe diem tokyo jiu jitsu
'Rising Son' Thomas Mietz knows what it's like to learn jiu jitsu at the source, having spent the last several years training at the famous Carpe Diem dojo in Tokyo. Thomas explains what makes Japan and Japanese culture (and jiu jitsu) so unique and shares some of the wild adventures he's had there. Follow Thomas on instagram

Ep. 062 – Lawrence Dunning

Lawrence Dunning Jiu Jitsu Podcast BJJ Brick Grapplearts martial arts
'You Can Have it All' Jiu Jitsu Black belt Lawrence Dunning is a man who has it all. Not only is he a decorated competitor, he's also a successful businessman who has made it to the top in two completely different industries. Lawrence joins us to discuss the secrets to his success, and how his impressive book library has led to...

Ep.061 – Jay Campbell

Jay Campbell TOT Revolution BJJ Testosterone jiu jitsu martial arts
'Fully Optimized' For most jiu jitsu players over 35, regular training comes with almost as many costs as it does benefits. Aching muscles and slower recovery are just the inevitable consequences of aging. Or are they? Author, Entrepreneur and Men's hormone expert Jay Campbell believes it doesn't have to be this way. Jay demystifies the subject of testosterone and gives a detailed...

Ep.060 – Mike Pastor

'Spiritual Fitness' A good morning routine can totally transform your life - just ask Mike Pastor, brown belt, yoga master and health expert. According to Mike, in some instances selfishness is actually a good thing. Taking the time for yourself in the mornings and evenings to partake in healthy routines makes a massive difference to the rest of your day, and...

Ep.059 – Ishmael Bentley

ishmael bentley bjj jiu jitsu
M-Theory Martial Arts owner Ishmael Bentley is a prolific inventor who owns several patents. Despite achieving huge success creating high-end medical devices, he fell in love with jiu jitsu and decided to do a career switch and become a full-time instructor. Ishmael relates how he came to the decision and why he loves teaching the gentle art.

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Episode 022 – Roy Dean 2

Brown belt Mike Velez shares the path which took him from to becoming the founder of the of one of the last remaining BJJ print publications,  Jiu Jitsu Magazine. Mike explains how he turned his passion for the art into not one but two successful businesses and how he stays motivated to keep creating world class jiu jitsu content.

Ep. 052: Mike Velez