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Ep.49: Christopher Reed

'I Got Soul' Nobody is more devoted to or passionate about jiu jitsu than Chris Reed. Chris credits the art with helping steer him in a better direction after an extraordinarily difficult early life. Chris talks about his disillusionment with the military and the challenges of running a jiu jitsu academy full-time. Check out Chris' academy, Ybor City Jiu jitsu Also available...

Ep. 048: Pedro Sauer

Pedro Sauer Jiu Jitsu Association Rickson Gracie BJJ
'Loyalty Above All' One of the original black belts who helped establish jiu jitsu in the United States, Pedro Sauer now runs one of the biggest associations in the world. Pedro relates some of the wild events of the early years of jiu jitsu in America, including his infamous 'Gracie Challenge' match with Mr Utah. He also shares some anecdotes of...

Ep. 047: Brad Waldron

'Snakes and Ladders' When he's not coaching Fortune 500 execs, Brad Waldron spends his time studying human excellence and figuring out how to replicate it. Not only has Brad worked with thought-leaders such as Tony Robbins, He also has extensive experience in several martial arts styles and high-level rugby, and in this episode he shares some of his insights on how...

Ep. 046: Masterskya

'Following the Golden Rule' Masterskya is the brainchild of black belts Alex Ecklin and Van Allen Flores - a progressive and open jiu jitsu academy with very few rules and restrictions. Alex and Van explain the ethos behind their dojo and how their approach has worked to create a connected community in the harsh environment of New York City. The Master...

Ep. 045: Martin Lowe

'The Luckiest Man Alive' One of Nic's closest friends joins the show for a heartfelt chat on the challenges of life as an international male model, what it's like training with jiu jitsu legends and his recipe for a charmed life. Check out the Master Academy – 3rd degree black belt Nic Gregoriades’ exclusive online jiu jitsu dojo Check out the Martin's website Also available...

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