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Episode 032 – Huntley Smith

Huntley Smith Arte Suave SABJJF jiu jitsu south africa
‘PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE’ Whenever brown belt Huntley Smith engages with something, he does so with total commitment and devotion, and jiu jitsu is no exception. Huntley's relentless pursuit of excellence has created an unparalleled learning environment at his academy, and he shares some of his teaching strategies with us. Check out Huntley's Podcast Click ‘play’ below to listen. Also available on Stitcher and iTunes. Show Sponsors: Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood...

Episode 031 – Oliver Geddes

Oliver Geddes BJJ Jiu Jitsu
'The Half-Guard Savant' There is nobody who has immersed themselves more fully into the jiu jitsu lifestyle than Roger Gracie black belt Oliver Geddes. Not only has he had over 1000 competitive matches and refereed hundreds more, but he also travels the world teaching full-time. Oli talks about his life on the road and shares the secrets to his amazing physical transformation...

Episode 030 – Rondel Benjamin

Rondel Benjamin jiu jitsu gracie bjj trinidad tobago
'Island Style' Despite being relatively isolated from the jiu jitsu world on the tiny island of Trinidad, brown belt Rondel Benjamin has made some very astute observations about the training process and how to perfect it. Rondel also talks about the similarities between free-diving and jiu jitsu. He explains how we can become more integrated beings and thus better jiu jitsu...

Episode 029 – Simon Yeo

Simon Yeo Bujinkan ninjitsu ninja bjj royce gracie
'Enter the Ninja' Ninjitsu is one of the least understood of all the martial arts. It's not, as commonly believed, all about sneaking and assassination. Ninja and BJJ black belt Simon Yeo joins us to set the record straight and delivers some wisdom on business, touring with Royce in Japan and the art of buying $20K swords at auctions. Check out Simon's...

Episode 028 – Henry Akins

Henry Akins Rickson Gracie Hidden Jiu JItsu BJJ Invisible Jiu Jitsu
'Hidden Jiu Jitsu'   World renowned instructor and Rickson Gracie black belt Henry Akins relates the highs and lows of his incredible jiu jitsu journey. Henry gives us an open and honest account of how the death of one of his best friends and training partners almost caused him to quit jiu jitsu. He also gives an amazing account of how a...

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