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Episode 016 – Nathan Raaths

Ayahuasca Nic Gregoriades
'The Real Battles Are On the Inside' As martial artists we are on a path which requires us to better ourselves. This means more than just honing our skills on a mat or in a ring - it also requires that we seek to attain the peaks of both physicality and psychological integration. As a spiritual guide (with over 400 Ayahuasca ceremonies...

Episode 015 – ‘Budo’ Jake McGee

budo jake jiu jitsu bjj grappling
'Walking the Walk' Few people have embraced the jiu jitsu lifestyle as completely as Jake McGee. Graduating from karate to aikido to BJJ, Jake is a lifelong martial artist and is also the co-founder of the highly successful BudoVideos brand. Jake shares some of his experiences from the last two decades spent training with the best of the best, as well as...

Episode 014 – Daniel Strauss

daniel strauss polaris raspberry ape
'Conditioning is Key' At just 27 years old, whizz-kid Daniel Strauss has already achieved a phenomenal amount in the worlds of grappling and jiu jitsu. A two-time Polaris veteran, Daniel contributes much of his success to his intense conditioning routine. In our conversation with him he spoke about his recent match against UFC fighter Jake Shields, and shared some excellent tips on...

Episode 013 – Billy ‘Biohazard’ Graziadei

billy biohazard jiu jitsu
'Rock Jitsu' As the guitarist and vocalist of the band Biohazard, Billy Graziadei has seen some wild stuff during his career. Billy explains to us how he discovered BJJ way back in 1993, and how he was able to keep training even during epic 18-month long band tours. From choking people out while on tour to organising back-stage roadie challenge matches, this...

Episode 012 – Roger Gracie

roger gracie
'The Greatest of All Time' There can be no argument about it: Roger Gracie is the greatest jiu jitsu player ever to step on the mat. Fresh after his career-defining victory over Marcus Almeida, Roger gifted us with an honest and open look into what it's like being the iconic champion of the Gracie family. This conversation covered many aspects of his...

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